Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Control Freaks of the world, Unite! (At precisely 10:16.5 A.M.)

I hear you. Really, I do.
You want order and control.
You don't want anyone to be out of step.
You hate clutter and disorderliness.
Dirt bothers you.
You wish everything could be 'just washed'.
You despise disobedience, or at least others getting away with it.
You love rules and keeping them.
You may even create them just so you can keep them.
Compartmentalizing, classifying, stereotyping, judging, weighing.
It's what you do best.

Well, I could just become liquid and slip right through your fingers.

I could turn into sand and escape through the cracks.

I could evaporate into gas and drift through the air.

Without boundaries.

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