Wednesday, November 28, 2007


In case you didn't know...I'm an official member of the

Spork Appreciation Society.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Exhaustion and Imagination

I try not to bore with 'kid posts' too much...but...

My four year old daughter was playing at a neighbor friend's house when the Mom called and said, "I guess your daughter's sleepy." I sighed because that usually means that they're fighting because she's gotten cranky. Then she told me to bring my I really wondered what was the matter. She had just fallen totally asleep at 6:00 p.m. while watching TV with her friend. We laughed and took photos and she didn't wake up until I picked her up to go home.

Sometimes her imagination is just so inspiring to me.

I was working on the computer in our bedroom when she brought in a mini Igloo cooler lunch box and laid it on it's side on top of the T.V.
She said that it was a T.V. and grabbed a make-believe remote control, pretended to turn it on and began laughing and pointing. She said, "Oh, that coconut!...Hahahhahahaha". She told me that it was 'The Coconut Channel'.

We went in the kitchen and made lunch and baked some cookies to eat together.

Then I went back into my room to check my email. She yells out from the living room, "Are you still watching that Coconut Channel?". It's funny to me that she still had it on her mind even several hours later. What a hoot!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Speaking of Snowflakes...

I guess I forgot all about these last year. I made these back in 2005. I should get one of those silicone mats to make things a whole lot easier this year. I think I'll take more time on the piping of the icing, as well! Argh!


Every year I get my snowflake cravings taken care of even though I live in Texas. (It's November 18th and we're wearing shorts this year! Don't worry...a cold front will be here in time for Thanksgiving Day!)

I go to the 'Look and Feel' site to Make-a-Flake! It's super fun for all ages and you can sometimes see your flake floating out the virtual window shortly after you've created it. You can email them, print on them as they fall outside the 'window' to see the's so lovely! They do have some other fun games on their site as well. A bit commercial, but hey...that's they're job!

Try it today!

And...the flake in the photo above is one of MY paper flakes from a couple of years ago.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
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Well...I guess my husband thought that since we were cancelling our cruise this year that he'd give me the next best thing. I really had to control the laughter when I saw this doctored photo of my body on a beach I've never been to!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A love for Wubb

I watch a lot of children's programming with my daughter and Wow Wow Wubbzy is one of my favorites for it's cute graphics, educational content and mostly...the music videos! Bob Boyle and Brad Mossman have really come up with some great songs for the show and has generously directed me to the Wubcast site so that I can share with my readers my FAVORITE music video "MADE BY YOU", which ANY crafter will just LOVE! (Wubbcast #27) I had to try to convert it from a .m4v to an .avi file to upload it, which made it a bit sketchy, but you can watch Wow Wow Wubbzy's podcast if you have a Quicktime viewer. Bob and Brad's site has some really fun Wubbzy better quality Wubbzy music videos with their other songs. Check them out, too!

Made By You
Lyrics: Bob Boyle / Music: b. Mossman

The best kinda gifts are made by hand
Just use some tape or a rubber band
No need for a diamond covered pony
You can just make it out of macaroni

Draw a card or write a letter
Pick a flower or knit a sweater
Paint a picture red or yellow
Make up a song and play it on cello

Make it yourself
It comes from the heart
Make it yourself
It’s a work of art
It doesn’t really matter what you do
Because it’s a gift and it’s from you

If you want to do something really sweet
And give someone a special treat
Make some art or bake a cake
It’s from you, there’s no mistake

You can paint a face on a rock
Make a puppet from a sock
Tie a ribbon on an old shoe
No need to buy something new

It’s made by you
Not from the shelf
It’s made by you
Not by an elf
It’s made by you… and you made it yourself

Make it yourself
It comes from the heart
Make it yourself
It’s a work of art
It doesn’t really matter what you do
Because it’s a gift and it’s from you

Yeah, it’s a gift and it’s from you


Spinning meets Glassblowing

Oh gracious! I have a bunch of questions for THIS guy!!! Wow!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nice to be noticed!

I've been blogged about here.

Isn't that sweet?

Thanks Alissa!