Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a day!

Well...here is our precious darling before the dentist visit this morning:

And $5 grand later:

Needless to say...as parents, we're both exhausted by the whole proceedure. Sixteen cavities taken care of at once. Multiple caps, crowns, nerve treatments and extractions.

My advice, with one heck of an experience to back me up, is...take the kids to the dentist within the first month of the first tooth like the books say! FORCE them to let you brush their teeth if you have to...don't let them brush on their own and finally, help them floss like there is no tomorrow!

Stay away from sticky sweets like gummy snacks (worms, bears, jelly beans, etc.) caramel and fruit roll-ups unless they brush and floss immediately afterwards. Soft drinks corrode the enamel very quickly as well.

All stuff that we should have known, but unfortunately ignored in the past. Not anymore!!! So...parents, consider yourself officially warned.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Godly Right?

This is usually a light-hearted blog, but I may make a few folks mad here.

People...please understand that young, impressionable children hear the lyrics in music and it often effects their belief system. Believe me, I know. I grew up listening to secular-turned-Christian music star, Gary S. Paxton. As one of his titles read, "Terminally Weird, but Godly Right"

I will say that I have gotten some good from hearing his records. I have always loved his song Whiskey Wet, for instance because I can really hear the honest angst in his voice and he is speaking in the first person about his regrets.

This is not really a 'Gary-bashing' post. However, Paxton fans will probably not approve of this post, either. Hey, I'll admit...there are several songs of his that I do still like for nostalgia's sake, but others that I would certainly not want my children to accept as the Gospel truth, or "Godly Right". I'm just saying that kids are so impressionable and I see the wisdom in teaching them to be more open-minded and kindhearted, rather than cynical and sarcastic.

So, if you've developed a multi-phobic, hypocritical, judgmental, intolerant, fault-finding, condemning personality, finding it hard to pinpoint the cause, and realize that you grew up listening to these albums as I did, just bring copies of Gary's records to a good licensed counselor. It should clear up a lot of confusion. Ha-ha!

For reference,THIS site has quite a few of his songs, in their entirety, in streaming audio. Click on all of the pages to see the whole list. His Christian music discography is HERE, along with excerpts of all his songs.

By the way, I don't blame you too much for playing those records, Dad. You were an awfully strange hippie in those days too, after all. Ha-ha.