Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Control Freaks of the world, Unite! (At precisely 10:16.5 A.M.)

I hear you. Really, I do.
You want order and control.
You don't want anyone to be out of step.
You hate clutter and disorderliness.
Dirt bothers you.
You wish everything could be 'just washed'.
You despise disobedience, or at least others getting away with it.
You love rules and keeping them.
You may even create them just so you can keep them.
Compartmentalizing, classifying, stereotyping, judging, weighing.
It's what you do best.

Well, I could just become liquid and slip right through your fingers.

I could turn into sand and escape through the cracks.

I could evaporate into gas and drift through the air.

Without boundaries.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birds, bees, bullfrogs, butterflies, blessings...bull?

Please help me see the both sides of this debate.

"Spare the 'rod' and spoil the child."

I hear someone speaking out in the media about the benefit of these methods. (For instance, so obviously in the Disney movie "Chronicles of Narnia, The Dawn Treader".) I can only hope that my feelings on the matter can add another view to the debate. Please know that I understand the 'long-standing tradition' emphasis put on all of this as it has been passed down from man to boy forever and I am completely open to any debate about human sexuality and its evolution.

But among other things, you're going to have to provide proof that 'pranking', 'tagging a$$es' or 'blessing' someone is not harmful, but beneficial to anyone, especially minors.

You'll have to prove that it's not actually turning males against pro-creative, opposite-sex relationships. (Or is that in the 'population control' plan?)

You'll have to prove that it does not create severe dysfunctional sexual hang-ups later in life.

You'll have to prove that it does not facilitate age disparity in future relationships, as well as low self-esteem issues.

I just need to say that, speaking from experience, when you 'discipline', 'tag' or 'rape' someone, you transfer anger to your 'victim'. I call them a victim because you're inflicting not only physical pain, but possible irreparable damage to their psyches as the need for that strong sense of anger as the most dominant emotion will drive their choices in mates. Surely you can see that in later sexual encounters, they will have a longing to feel that same emotion again in a subconscious, self-loathing, or guilt complex fashion. The emotional signature you emit and leave behind usurps love as the driving force in relationships and encourages future domestic violence. The 'love' emotion and connection will no longer register very high on their emotional scale, and what you do in moderation, your disciples will do in excess.

When you dominate physically to get loyalty, respect and your own sense of power, it conveys the use of brute force as an admirable thing and instills in impressionable minds that it is the preferred method of solving problems in life, not logic and reason. you still think, as in prehistoric times, that it is the only way we as a species will survive? I think it is obvious that it will be through intelligence, not brute strength, that we will prolong the life-sustaining capacity of Planet Earth and keep the human species alive, perhaps even after the death of the planet.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Owl goes...Hoo-Hoo!

Questions For The Owls
by Micol Kraft Day

Who will take from them what they have made
Who will roll the incriminating film
Who will have strength to lead the parade Of witnesses and victims
Who will divulge
And then who will care to do justice
Who will truly protect and serve
When they all have a hand in
Who will listen
Who will believe it
Who will take that great of a loss
Who will turn over their own wealth or power to go up against the big boss
Who will say enough is enough
Who will take evidence
Who will realize that it's not their fault
But the fault of the big machine
Who will rip the family ties
Who will be the champion
Who will care more for the masses
Than they do for themselves
For the greater good is why I ask
Who will give their lives to speak out against them?