Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Owl goes...Hoo-Hoo!

Questions For The Owls
by Micol Kraft Day

Who will take from them what they have made
Who will roll the incriminating film
Who will have strength to lead the parade Of witnesses and victims
Who will divulge
And then who will care to do justice
Who will truly protect and serve
When they all have a hand in
Who will listen
Who will believe it
Who will take that great of a loss
Who will turn over their own wealth or power to go up against the big boss
Who will say enough is enough
Who will take evidence
Who will realize that it's not their fault
But the fault of the big machine
Who will rip the family ties
Who will be the champion
Who will care more for the masses
Than they do for themselves
For the greater good is why I ask
Who will give their lives to speak out against them?

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