Monday, November 17, 2008

I told you I was good at untangling!

It's common for me to grab a mass of tangled yarn from my yarning buddies when they try to unravel it in my presence. The reason...I'm good at untangling things.

I beat all 17 levels of the online game "Untangle" last night after about two hours total playing time over the past few days. The last two levels were actually very difficult for me, but the victory was sweet!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Completely Sweet

This incomplete painting of my daughter as a baby was sent to me by my sister Rachel. While I would have loved to have seen it finished, there is something really cool about its pencil lines and unfinished state.

I love it! Thanks, Rege!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Martha the Lesser

I know that I kind of romanticize or even idolize the artistic. Putting creative people up on a bit of a pedestal. Well...if you have ever looked at my craft blog and you've pegged me as some sort of Domestic Diva, I'm here to tell are sadly mistaken! Here's a little story to put it into perspective. (No, this is not an advertisement.)

Yesterday, my daughter had to grab her jeans out of the laundry because I failed to wash them in time. (Hey, at least they were on top of the laundry pile...and I did sniff them to make sure they weren't really too dirty!)

Once she had them on, I thought I'd make double sure that they didn't have any hint of odor, so I grabbed the Febreze off of the shelf, gave her pants a few mists and took her to school.

I came home and went in the laundry room to finally do some laundry so that we'd have clothes and towels the next morning. I looked up on the shelf and realized that I had sprayed my daughter with Endust. The allergy and odor-free kind.

Hey, they do have similar sized bottles! Although, I really didn't notice the 'fresh' scent when I sprayed her down. Now I know why!

And...that's the kind of Diva I am. Not very Martha-ish, am I?

Oh well!