Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Martha the Lesser

I know that I kind of romanticize or even idolize the artistic. Putting creative people up on a bit of a pedestal. Well...if you have ever looked at my craft blog and you've pegged me as some sort of Domestic Diva, I'm here to tell you...you are sadly mistaken! Here's a little story to put it into perspective. (No, this is not an advertisement.)

Yesterday, my daughter had to grab her jeans out of the laundry because I failed to wash them in time. (Hey, at least they were on top of the laundry pile...and I did sniff them to make sure they weren't really too dirty!)

Once she had them on, I thought I'd make double sure that they didn't have any hint of odor, so I grabbed the Febreze off of the shelf, gave her pants a few mists and took her to school.

I came home and went in the laundry room to finally do some laundry so that we'd have clothes and towels the next morning. I looked up on the shelf and realized that I had sprayed my daughter with Endust. The allergy and odor-free kind.

Hey, they do have similar sized bottles! Although, I really didn't notice the 'fresh' scent when I sprayed her down. Now I know why!

And...that's the kind of Diva I am. Not very Martha-ish, am I?

Oh well!


erkraft said...

I haven't belly laughed like that in a while! That cracks me up! Ah ha ha ha ha! I can't use enough exclamation points to express how hard I am laughing... I can't even type...


RecycleMicol said...

Ha-ha! It makes me happy to hear that I gave you a big laugh! Wish I were there laughing with you. We'd pee our pants, I'd bet!