Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hand Springs Fingerless Mitts - Free Knitting Pattern

Thanks again to Linda Welch for the use of her gloriously easy-to-read lace chart on her Spring Forward Socks Pattern, which make these mitts a joy to knit, even for those unaccustomed to chart reading.

I'd like to thank my test knitters and proof readers Bonnie, Donna, Jen, Katie, Linda, Sara and Susanna for making this free pattern what it is today! I would not have wanted to do it without you all! XOxo

I have had trouble getting the pattern posted onto my Craft Blog at www.recyclemicol.com so, please be patient. For the time being, you can access the Free PDF here.

(Pattern also soon to be added to Ravelry.com)

Happy Knitting!


Le gars qui tricote said...

Those mitts are just beautiful. Would it be possible for me to translate the pattern into French and post it on your blog, or mine?

The guy who knits

RecycleMicol said...

Feel free to translate and simply mention my English version when you post it on your blog! I hope everyone has as good of a time knitting them as I have.

Best wishes for a successful translation!