Thursday, October 16, 2008


Since everything I say can and will be held against me in a little courtroom in other people's minds, even if I don't mean it toward anyone in particular, I'll resort to omitting the articles and just give you the titles.

Are All You Men On Viagra Or Something?!

Let's Artificially Create High-Risk Pregnancies & Multiple Births, Resulting In A Higher Infant Mortality Rate, Then Blame It On Poor Healthcare In The US!

Electing A President...Still Undecided?

Church...Who's Really In Control?

My Imagination Is Closed For Repairs

Trafficking Much?

Some of the things have nothing to do with personal experiences with friends or family. I just read about them this week on the news feeds, so don't try to figure out to what I am referring. Ha-ha. I have more titles. Some day I'll post them.



erkraft said...

You talkin' 'bout ME??? Haha! I love this post. And I love you! Can't wait to read those articles...


RecycleMicol said...

You?! Ha-ha! No way. Nothing in there about you, dear!!!

Though, I love a comment from you now and then, my sweet Sis O' Bliss!