Thursday, November 6, 2008

Completely Sweet

This incomplete painting of my daughter as a baby was sent to me by my sister Rachel. While I would have loved to have seen it finished, there is something really cool about its pencil lines and unfinished state.

I love it! Thanks, Rege!


erkraft said...

Glad you like it. I worked on it a little more after Lizzie had grown a couple of years. Sometimes I lose the inspiration in the middle of something. Every time I'd see a recent photo of Lizzie, I would think that she's getting too far away from looking like that little white baby I started painting a few years ago. Ha. Kids grow fast. Glad I'm not aging that fast...

Enjoy the little painting. Feel free to work on it if you feel inspired. It would in no way offend me. Give Lizzie a big hug from Aunt Rachel.

I'm cleaning house. Anybody want some paintings? Hit me!


RecycleMicol said...

Oh, geez. I've tried to paint. I cannot get it without some major instruction. Sad, really. As much as I loved to watch the happy William Alexander and Bob Ross as a kid. I wish I had more of your talent, Rege.

And if I had known that you were going to fling paintings at people, I would have picked one to come along with little Liz! :-)

Many, many thanks again for sending it!