Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a day!

Well...here is our precious darling before the dentist visit this morning:

And $5 grand later:

Needless to say...as parents, we're both exhausted by the whole proceedure. Sixteen cavities taken care of at once. Multiple caps, crowns, nerve treatments and extractions.

My advice, with one heck of an experience to back me up, is...take the kids to the dentist within the first month of the first tooth like the books say! FORCE them to let you brush their teeth if you have to...don't let them brush on their own and finally, help them floss like there is no tomorrow!

Stay away from sticky sweets like gummy snacks (worms, bears, jelly beans, etc.) caramel and fruit roll-ups unless they brush and floss immediately afterwards. Soft drinks corrode the enamel very quickly as well.

All stuff that we should have known, but unfortunately ignored in the past. Not anymore!!! So...parents, consider yourself officially warned.


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