Monday, August 3, 2009

Things that go poof in the night

I've had several dreams that have woken me up out of a sound sleep lately. Here's one I had tonight. (It's almost 3:00 am as I am writing this)

I was in a hospital or doctor's office for a non-emergency medical issue of some sort.

I somehow knew the admitting nurse taking my vital statistics.

I became aware that she was doing something extra, in a bit of a panic-stricken mode.

She injected me with a needle in my lower side and started to inflate my abdomen with air.

She told me that she was taking me to the Maternity Ward and I was to act like I was pregnant.

She said it was so that she could get the drugs that they were going to prescribe for pain.

She threatened me if I didn't go along with the plan.

I told her that they were going to figure out the deception before they gave me any drugs.

This did not stop her and it only made her more panicky.

She wheeled me into the Maternity Ward and left me alone with the nurse there for a minute.

I quickly told the nurse what was happening, but saw her face go white, as she told me that the

Other nurse had returned and was standing just behind me.

I expected her to become violent and try to kill me, but instead, she just turned and ran away.

I could take this dream to mean several things, but mostly, I think the moral is:

Don't eat beans so close to bedtime.

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