Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Senses

I have keen senses. I've always been an observer of minute details when it comes to reading people. I never really understood what kind of skill that was exactly. Until recently, that is, when I began to understand that our bodies are created with all kinds of sensors and chemical triggers that are naturally occurring and a lot less ethereal than people make them out to be.

Now before I get any responses from spiritualists, ghost-whisperers, prophets or psychics, please be aware that I'm ONLY referring to natural chemical reactions and subsequent processing of that chemical information by our brains rather than any extra-sensory perceptions, so please do be open to what I have to say, as I'm not exactly going to knock one of your beliefs. Maybe you could see it as an addition only.

People have 'tells'. Gestures, expressions, changes in blood pressure, involuntary bodily reactions, and the most obvious, their words with which to communicate. They also have a more subtle form of communication. Chemicals that leave their bodies and float in the air, are able to be picked up and analyzed by another human or animal. It's been well-documented that dogs, for instance, can easily smell fear, danger and sometimes illnesses from these chemicals.

Have you ever seen a nature show where the mother gazelle is alerted of danger when it could still be miles away? Those ears perk up. The nose starts twitching. She senses the predator and can get her little ones to safety. Hopefully. (It's always sad when it doesn't end up that way.)

Then, there's the whole pheromone thing, of course. Their eyes meet across a crowded room. The attraction is so thick and tangible, it seems that you can cut it with a knife. That's because you CAN cut it with a knife! That's a scent, baby! It's a chemical. It's biological. It's not your imagination. You're feeling that feeling because someone is throwing off a chemical signal. Now, let the wife catch a whiff of that scent when she walks into the same room're liable to be running as fast as that gazelle!

Our ears are amazing, too. You may have heard someone talking outside or in another room, not due to some 'super power' hearing, but through undetectable sound waves. Your brain still processes these sounds subconsciously. You may not be able to fully process the conversation in your mind, but you are left with an impression. Your brain keeps it on the shelf for future reference.

Now, there may be those who fear that all of this will lead people on some sort of a witch hunt and cause people to start projecting their fears onto others, or casting blame on others unjustly. Truthfully, there is always that danger when you're learning how to read people. We must learn to keep everything in check with reality and realize that everyone is indeed, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Only, let it be known, that you will have opposition, as not everyone stands to benefit from these built-in relays and receptors. From pedophiles to poker players, there are those who would rather that you not develop your natural abilities to sense danger...or a bluff.

If you do make the decision to do something constructive with this greater awareness, and follow me into this journey into further self-awareness and a greater understanding of our senses, I have a few things that I have found to be extremely important to share with you.

Most importantly, keep your senses clear by doing the following:

Eliminate caffeine (You heard me right! Including chocolate and all teas and coffees but decaf. I only drink water.)
Significantly reduce sugar intakes. (It's hard to eliminate ALL sugars, but do your best.)
Reduce processed foods to a minimum. (I rarely eat them anymore)
Cook fresh foods instead of eating out.
Stay regular. (flushed of toxins)
Stay hydrated with filtered tap water. (preferred over bottled water that leaches chemicals)
Identify and eliminate air and food allergens that rob your sense of smell and make you tired.
Avoid perfumes and detergents that mask natural odors.
Of course, don't smoke, do drugs, or drink alcoholic beverages.

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