Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doing the Mending

Yes, it's true. One of my favorite quotes is:

Use it up

Wear it out

Make it do

Or do without

That's an old saying from the Great Depression Era, I understand. Seems pretty appropriate in these times of repression, as well!

I was reminded of the quote yesterday, as I fixed the strap on one of my shoes with some super-strong glue. I thought of it again today as I stitched up an undergarment of mine that still has a lot of wear left in it, but had had a small rip.

I also like the saying, 'A stitch in time saves nine'.

I recall watching a cartoon when I was a little girl where Bugs Bunny sings,

"A stitch in time...will save nine...especially with a needle fine!"

I love to sing it to myself when I do some small repair job.

Do you get the moral behind that little ditty? If you repair a small hole with one stitch, it will save you from having to make many more stitches to repair the hole as it gets larger with wear and washing. As a fiber artist, I can truly understand why they used to darn socks and mend their precious handmade garments when they acquired holes.

We are all a bit more unattached to our pre-fab store-bought garments these days, but still, I would encourage you to set aside your mending projects in a little basket and pull it out as you wind down for the day. Work on your mending as they did back when there were no 'disposable clothes' or mass-produced goods. It should make you feel extra-proud to be so prudent, even though you may be able to afford to replace the item.

If someone asks you why you don't just go out any buy another one, you can wisely say,

"Waste not, want not!"

Hugs to the recyclers,


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erkraft said...

This is great, Micol. So true. So you. We should all be "on the mend" right now with the recession hitting people a little harder everyday. This is an uplifting little piece you've shared and I just want to say thanks. I love you!