Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yeast in the morning, Sailor take warning!

So...I'm adding yeast to one of the things that irritates my stomach. It's actually a common enough allergen or irritant. Just look up Candida in any search engine to learn more about it. Basically for me, after I eat yeast breads, I feel as if it is still rising right inside my tummy! I have to go lie down for all the discomfort that ensues, although there are drops that I could take three times a day to combat it if I wanted to keep tossing it down my gullet.

However, to save around $30.00 a month and the hassle of having to remember to take them, I'll simply cut WAY down. (Actually, I already have...that's why I can tell that it's the yeast that is effecting me when I do eat it.)

There are a bevy of 'Quick Breads' that I could make to have my bready-cravings met, such as scones, tortillas, some flat breads without yeast, biscuits, even unsweetened crepes, so I'm really not out any indulgence, but for every day, no-hassle and lower-fat fare...

I'm now having fun trying out different kinds of crackers! I picked these up at the market a few days ago and I really like them. You have to look at the labels, as some crackers, even in this same line, have a bunch of preservatives and/or sugar, which are taboo in my book.

Using crackers as a substitute is actually quite nice! You get to play around with adding your favorite tidbits to them and trying out new and unique foods that you might not have tried before. There are lots of recipes on-line and in my cookbooks to give me ideas if I get bored. could I get bored?! Having 'appetizers' all the time instead of just at the occasional party makes me feel pretty 'Ritzy'. Hee-hee!

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