Friday, July 11, 2008

Chalk it up to heredity

I suppose our child is destined to become a very creative individual. I mean, it's in her genes. Her father and I are both artistic. She sees me creating things almost every day. We look at my friend's Flickr photos together sometimes, so she sees other people's creativity as well.

She asked me for some bread this morning so she could use her cookie cutters. I walk in the dining room to find these sitting on the table:

She loves playing with the little felt strawberries that I got for her in a swap.

Maybe she'll end up being the pastry chef that I always wanted to be! Who knows. Whatever she does, I know she'll be great at it.


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RecycleMicol said...

She told me, after seeing my ode to her creativity on my blog, that she was an 'article'. It cracked me up when I figured out what she meant! She said, "You know, ARTicle". I told her that she was an artist or artistic. Not an article. Ha-ha! Hey, she's only four years old, after all. :-)